(412) 586-4678



“Great, great compounding pharmacy. Love, this place. Helpful staff who follow up! And excellent products. Appreciate!”

- S. P.


“I'm thrilled to have MAA / LabNaturals in my world. Huge fan, loyal customer.”

- S.L.


“I trust you all for my needed purchases. I’m happy….. Thanks for being in our neighborhood!!! It’s nice to have high quality businesses so close to home.”

- K.O.


"Had a great experience with the service from this company, especially from Susan. Will not hesitate to go back."

-T. K.


“I have been using this company’s products for several years and have always been impressed by the quality and consistency of what I have ordered. It is also great to support a woman owned independent small business.”

- E. A.


"This review is specifically about the help I was given by Susan Merenstein. I made an order, but I was having trouble with my order and payment method during the holiday season. When I called Murray Avenue to get everything sorted Susan was the one who picked up. She made me feel heard as if I was the only person in the world, while being exemplary, cordial, and efficient. In 2 minutes, my order was sorted, my payment was updated, and my day became a whole lot better. I have never experienced customer care like that before. I would recommend Murray Avenue Apothecary to anyone, they have the best products, and more importantly, the best people.”

- E. M.


"Hey Susan,

Well thank you, that's kind, and yes, I am very much a loyal customer and will continue to be.

And again thanks for treating me so nicely as a returning client.

It doesn't go unnoticed.


- S.W.


"When my son was 2, he was diagnosed with autism. He was an unhappy child who threw horrific tantrums constantly, and was behind in his speech and fine motor skills development. It was difficult to even leave the house because the lights and sounds were just too much for him to process. Other than therapy, I didn't know what to do.
I was in MAA with my mother for her hormone concerns and happened to mention my child. That day would change our lives forever! After speaking with Susan, I learned that children with autism are often low in certain vitamins and minerals and have gut issues. Susan assessed his situation and came up with a plan. We began to see results immediately. It was like a miracle!
Fast forward to today. He is a 15 year old happy, straight A, VERY social, highly talented musician who is a joy to be around. There is NO TRACE of autism! And his favorite place now is New York City where all the lights, sounds, smells and hustle and bustle that before would send him into a world of his own, bring out the best in him! As a matter of fact, he is preparing to perform at Carnegie Hall this summer! Our lives are forever changed because of Murray Avenue Apothecary! There aren't enough stars in the galaxy for a proper (Google) review!"


"I also wanted to comment on how wonderful Trish was on the phone with me and guiding me with my dermatologist to call in my script for Minoxidil.

She also got me drops for progesterone to use for sleep until I met with you..but the most outstanding thing was that Trish waited for for me to arrive to pick up my prescriptions after your pharmacy closed. She waited outside because I got caught in traffic and also got lost trying to find your place. Her customer service was amazing and I thought it was important to make you aware of this. What a gem you have in Trish. You can be sure I will share this experience with my family and friends. Thank you!"

- A.M.

"We have been very happy dealing with Murray Avenue Apothecary/LabNaturals for the past several years. They are easy to work with, helpful, friendly, and professional. We order online and receive our product within days.

It is a very easy process for a product that is consistent and works well. Thank you."

- L.S.


"Very kind and helpful staff. They made filling my late cat's immune medication script very easy, and were so kind when I told them he had passed and we didn't need a courtesy refill. Would definitely recommend their services to anyone."

- K.S.


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to thoroughly explain the different ways to compound hair regrowth formulations. You're a mensch! My Dr. Scott Boden of Hartford Conn, said you're the best and now I know why.

Thank You,

- J.R.G.


"…..Happy to be spreading the word about your excellent care!”

- K.M.


"So far I've had a very pleasant experience with this pharmacy. Susan always answered my questions (and I had a lot). My order was ready the next day. I hope they will return to in-person service soon. Thank you!"

- O.C.


"I cannot say enough how much I love this business and their products! The staff is super helpful and extremely professional. The pharmacist and owner knows their stuff. They are able to answer any questions you have regarding their products. They are also easy to reach whenever you need them. My products have always arrived on time without any hiccups. Thank you all for being a friendly, professional, and reliable business!"

- W.C.


"Excellent customer service. I live out of state and do to slowed shipping at the holiday my product was late. Susan called me at home and immediately contacted shipping to check on my package. Outstanding products and customer service. Thank you Susan and staff."

- S.F.

"Murray Avenue Apothecary is a great place. Quality products! I’ve been there and Susan Merenstein really knows her stuff."

- A.

"The service at Murray Avenue is incredibly amazing. I am a remote customer and they make me feel like I just walked into the store and received one-on-one time with a pharmacist. They are incredibly knowledgeable on hair loss and hair loss compounding and answered all of my questions. I am a scientifically minded person and they made me feel comfortable about the quality of the ingredients and the process they go through to ensure I receive a high-end product that will work.

Thanks again for everything you do!"


"There are certain things that are out of your hands in life, but what keeps us going is hope, support and assistance to possibly achieve things that we once thought were out of reach, and provide a solution. A light at the end of the tunnel. This is where MAA, Susan and her staff come in. They offer hope, solutions and realistic advice to their clients. This is not a fake review as I am a client as well. Great client service or 5 stars is not merely enough to offer everyone involved here. My first experience with MAA was over the phone, and is what pretty much ease me into dealing with them. They provide you with steps on prescriptions and how products are made. The staff member I spoke to on the phone was an assistant, and I may have spent half an hour firing questions off. She was busy, but still allotted time to talk to me and assist me. The good thing is, the staff here do not bluff. If they know, they know, and if they don't they find out. I spoke to numerous people, asking questions and I'm sure one of them being Susan. Not a single person showed me any frustration, or attempt to end the conversation prematurely. They were very patient and respectful, but as in everyday life, respect goes both ways. You cant sit there and expect them to spend an unlimited amount of time on the phone with you. If they are busy, use your discretion and try to contact them at a less busy time. Google shows the graph depicting their busiest times. Shipping of my item is no hassle, they take time to make it, and when its ready, they ship it right away taking the same amount of time to arrive. It should be noted that I reside in Canada. The prices do range, and may reach a point of which maybe a little expensive which may be tough for some. But a positive to this is the flexibility or ease of possibly swapping it out for something else. Best case scenario it worked as described, worst case, you tried. At the end of the day each person will react differently to the same product, and it's up to the user to decide how much they are willing to spend, and gauge the effectiveness of that product. Like I said earlier, sometimes hope can go a long way, and which in most cases may offer you the missing ingredient in your mixture or solution. Thank you MAA, Susan and staff for the amazing client service and quality product you have provided me."

— A. A.

"I have been applying the corn remedies for a few days now and Harry, my greyhound, is becoming much less reactive to me handling his sore toe. He is also starting to use the leg more now. Previously I had got the corn centre out, but was not able to get some of the surrounding tissue…In any event, Harry and I are feeling a lot better now then we did before receiving your package. Thanks for your work in developing the cream."

— D. M.

“Stumbled across you accidentally. NEW fan!!!! Love your page and website. Basically LOVE what you do!”

— A.S.

"Thank you so very much. I am glad that you shared your website information for people and their pets. I will forward this onto friends and colleagues. You and your pharmacy will be my first choice for care."

— M. Q.

“Thank you...great to talk and continue to learn with you!!!!! You are an incredible plethora of knowledge! You are changing lives, including mine! You have cracked the code of what has never been working my entire life!!! I am so happy we had that conversation one night to lead me to you!!! I am forever grateful for you!!! God gave me a chance to live again...I want to be the best version of myself I can be!! Proud to be your friend! ”

— M.G.R.

“I'd definitely reach out to Susan at Murray Avenue Apothecary. She's thoughtful, intelligent and articulate and is one of the "let's do it right" pharmacists.”

— D.M. RPh.

“My friend and colleague Susan Merenstein now offers OTC cannabinoid products in her Pittsburgh compounding pharmacy. I’m always proud of the work you do, Susan, to stay one step ahead in the field of pharmacy.”

— The Wholistic Pharmacist

"Words cannot express my appreciation for all you have done for me. Your ability to share your knowledge is a quality I admire. You have helped me so much with my cancer treatment. You are professional and trustworthy. This is the reason I have remained a client for the past 10 years. You are an exceptional pharmacist."

— Adele

"Friendly, willing to have a personal conversation about dicey aging-related issues. I wish it were closer to where I live, but I will go out of my way to go back."

— Anonymous

"The staff at the shop is very accommodating and could not be more helpful. They handled all of my concerns and questions..This establishment welcomes you as though you are 'home'."

— Anonymous

"I enjoyed meeting all of you. I was very impressed with Susan's expertise and the professional and bright manner of all of the associated. It's obvious that everyone really believes in what they are doing."

— A.M.

"I really enjoyed meeting you for my initial consultation. I left your office with a feeling of confidence for a healthy future."

— J.T.

"Susan is the most honest trustworthy person I know. I will continually do business with her. Doing business with Susan is like doing business with a friend. I would trust her expertise with anything. I would recommend her to anybody."

— K.G.

"Everything works out pretty well with refills. Everyone is very, very nice and helpful. Keep up the good work!"

"A pleasure doing business with all of you!"

— D.C.

"Mistakes, mix-ups, miscommunication, they happen in any and every business. When I come across a business that will go above and beyond to correct an error, I know that I have found a reputable business and that is the case with Murray Avenue Apothecary. They immediately took responsibility when there was a mix-up with shipment of my script. They came up with a solution that in no way inconvenienced me, and they solved my problem. I would like to mention also, that this was for my pet's medication and Susan and her staff showed the compassion and commitment they have for all of their customers, human and animal. I am grateful for your kindness, your expertise, and your professionalism."

— D.S.

"I've dealt with Susan Merenstein for almost a year now. I would recommend her to anybody. She's honest and is a very cool person to work with. She is a business person and very logical minded. I will continue to do business with her in the future."

— R.C.

"I love coming to Murray Avenue Apothecary. The people who work there are very kind and helpful as well as informative."

"All supplements and prescriptions are fabulous! I feel so much better. Customer service - TOP NOTCH, friendly and fast service."

"I have been pleased with my service from MAA."

— G.H.

"Your service is excellent! No complaints!"

"Never had any problems and always had excellent service. Very happy using your Apothecary."

— B.B. & L.B.

"Excellent service! Thanks! I love to get the little sample trial sizes. Everyone's always so nice."

— E.L.

"Thanks for prompt and friendly service - I thank you and my cat thanks you!"

"Bless you all for the outstanding service you provide to hound and human!"

"Thanks very much. I apologize for any nuisance. However, these things happen, and I know that has nothing to do with you guys.

Thanks as always for your great customer service."


"Thank you, Susan! It was not your mistake, it was mine. I appreciate your help! I couldn't be happier with you and your wonderful pharmacy."


"Thank you for the extra goodies you put in with my vitamins. The Apothecary does a wonderful job – a delay is of little consequence. Thank you."


"I greatly appreciate the top quality of products you carry, as well as the friendly and courteous service by all of your employees. It is always a pleasure doing business with MAA! "


"I am so pleased with your company. The prescription that you are doing for me is working...I have my full hair grown back...You are all so prompt, and kind - thank you very much!"

- D.C.

"I am so excited that I finally got to meet you and put a face to your friendly and comforting sweet voice! You are everything your voice projects you to be and more. You glow Susan from the inside out and you look SO naturally pretty and healthy!!! Thanks to you for always being there for me and for being so patient with me. I cherish the fact that you cared enough when you did not know the whole me and that my voice mattered enough to you. Thank You for taking the time to help me when I was so sick to work with me to get me well again. I don’t know what I would have done without you! Thanks so much Susan….You are a Peach!!!"

I just wanted to let you know whatever you gave me for the acne has cleared up my face! and my mood haha. will be in soon for another round. You're the best! Thank you!"

— A.N.

"So thankful that God put you in our path to help make life be something to be thankful for! We love you bunches!"

— D.R.

"Thanks so much for today! I truly appreciate you and all of your help! Thank you!"

- J.

"Susan Merenstein's knowledge never ceases to amaze me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November, 2002 and met Susan through my best friend. Susan contacted me the day before my surgery to wish me well and following my surgery consulted with me regarding supplements to help me with my chemotherapy regimen. Susan's supplements kept my heart strong during this grueling period. I have been in contact with Susan since 2002 and continue to benefit from her knowledge and supplements to support my immune system. Most recently, I started taking supplements to prevent me from contracting the many colds and viruses this past season. While my friends and co-workers became ill with the colds, flu, and allergies I never contracted the illnesses. My primary care physician is amazed at my cholesterol levels and I attribute this to Susan's fish oil. Everything that Susan Merenstein prescribes is pure, natural and of the best quality. Susan has also remained a friend for life. There should be more people like Susan Merenstein and Murray Avenue Apothecary in the world."

— Adele

"What I find so convincing in you is your passion about my "getting better" -whatever that means-maybe being better than I was (which was bad) but improving consistently. I was moved by your desire to help me get where you know I should go, having nothing to do with business. Having to do with your passion about what you know and I have yet to learn. Your expectations are also high-read-know-understand-don't just listen to me. Make your own choices, based on what you know. I find you truly the best gift I've ever received- and on my 65th birthday. A person guided by her intense passion to help people get where she knows they can, with such grace as to make half what she probably could. You have helped me understand that how I spend my money-limited though it may be-is tremendously important for my well being and growth. You are truly one of the best human beings I've ever met and I feel honored that you spend as much of your passion on me as I need, at great emotional cost to you, because you do it for so many people. This is a long way of saying-you've changed my physical being, but also my attitude towards myself and my hopes for the upcoming years. You've helped me get back my passion and spirit because it's catching from you. Thank you for putting me before your business profits. Rare as you are."

— E.O.

"I saw Susan when my bone density showed osteopenia at a young age. I was already taking the standard of care medication for prevention. After one year of following Susan's recommendation my bone density improved by 10%. It was almost impossible to believe the diagnostic study results!"

— L.L.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you did for me. I have never had someone take such a proactive stance with my health. I'm usually left hanging and when doctors can't figure out what's wrong with me they just seem to stop trying, but I try to look at that as all of that led me to you finally. You have been such a positive force and it's amazing to find someone who finally understands!"

— T.T.

"Thanks for all - your expertise and advice has made an impact!"

— J.S.

"I have made a serious commitment to my health, and granted that's a key responsibility. I attribute the other aspect of my progress to the fact that I trust your process, knowledge, experience and your philosophy. Happy to have found you!"

— A.P.

"Thank you for taking such care and concern for me, and so many others. I am blessed to have found you all."

— J.S.

"Thank you for recognizing that South Florida is hot and can break down your product. Not many companies will go to the extent that you do to protect their product, so thank you for doing that."

— M.B.

"Thanks so much for being there! I am so grateful to have the alternatives you provide, and for your great support for my overall wellness. You and your staff are all wonderful."

— M.R.

"Thank you very much for making it possible for me to have this therapy replacement from you! I am stronger since the doctor put me on more natural products. We have no phone so also appreciate you and the Doctor contacting each other for us."

— T.S.

"I love coming in here! It's like having a team helping you be your best self as you go through the menopause and aging process. I am very thankful for Murray Avenue Apothecary!"

"I recently changed Gynocologists. I am now with Dr. Denning, in Ligonier. She perscribed something I have never tried before. I feel better already! No other medication has worked for me. Not only can I get it shipped to my home in Rector, but your staff has been wonderful to deal with. Thank you for everything. I am going to spread the word to all my girlfriends."

— S.B.

"During the holidays I was struggling with SAD and hormone imbalances. I reached out to Susan and she immediately had a solution for me. I made the personal decision to discontinue anti-depressants, after being on them for 10 years. It is almost spring and my body is free of prescription anti-depressants and the natural supplements and hormones I receive from Murray Avenue Apothecary must be working because I have never felt better! My experience with Susan and Murray Avenue Apothecary has made me re-think conventional medicine as the only solution for my health issues. I recommend her to my friends and customers all the time. Thank you!"

— K.S.

"I suffered from hormonal (menstrual) migraines for approximately 8 years. It was getting to the point where I was not able to function normally for 10-12 days a month and not only that, I would get very sick with other symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, blurry vision, etc. and had to miss a few days of work. No one should have to go through this month after month is there is a remedy! I began doing my own research on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Then, Susan Merenstein's name came up through several different conversations I had with both acquaintances and health care professionals. Long story short, I called her, decided to have the saliva and blood spot test done and sure enough, everything I read confirmed what I was lacking. The result of the test showed that I was low in progesterone, testosterone, and T3. Within 6 weeks of taking these bio-identical hormones along with other suggested supplements, I began to feel much better. In fact, since then, my migraines are about 90% gone and I'm starting to get some energy back. I feel great and I feel like I've gotten my 'self' and my life back!

I would like to thank Susan Merenstein along with her very accommodating staff. This was life-changing for me."

— K.C. (Pittsburgh, PA)

"I've taking Biotin 100mg for 2 plus years. It seems to help some with energy since I have MS and Doctor Kent Berkey recommended that I take Biotin. It has been very good for my hair and nails also. The doctor has never been wrong in telling me what I should take. Your pharmacy has been very good at refilling my biotin on time, and calling to confirm with me that it is time to refill it. Thank you very much."

- M.

"Thank you all so much for your thoughtfulness and for going out of your way to assist me.

Appreciate it very much!

You ladies are terrific."

- C.

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