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Pet Compounds

How exactly can Murray Avenue Apothecary help your pet? Read our blog post, and find out!

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We custom compound medications to meet each animal's unique needs.

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NOTE: When ordering for your pet, please specify your pet's name in the order and flavoring.
We offer beef, chicken, cheese, liver, peanut butter, fish, bacon and many more flavors!

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We also offer Acetyl-Glutathione for pets: 2 mg per pound in capsules or flavored liquid.

Murray Avenue Apothecary compounded veterinary preparations are not intended for use in food and food-producing animals.

Ralph's Immunity/Inflammation Formula

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Allergy/Itch Formula

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Animal Digest Formula

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Healing Rub


  • Zinc
  • Tranilast
  • Aloe
  • Hydrocortisone

May help:

  • Hot spots
  • Itching
  • Persistent licking

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Don't forget about our Greyhound Corn/Callus Cream!
“I have to share a story about our dog Ralph! A few days before Christmas, Ralph was not his usual perky, acts-nothing-like-a-16 yr old-dog self. He was lethargic, did not want to eat, and we were worried! By Christmas Eve he could not stand up and we had to carry him outside to pee. I had called the vet and on a hunch asked for Doxycycline an antibiotic used for the Borellia bacteria associated with Lyme. I had not been taking Ralph to the trail but I actually saw a VERY bloated tick on my kitchen floor. Where on earth could that have come from? Perhaps the leaves in the backyard still left from the fall? We gave Ralph 2 doses of Doxycycline and he started to perk up right away. After 4 doses he was starting to seem like his spunky self. And now a week later Ralph is as good as new! Of course we give him a dose of Ralph's Immunity and Inflammation formula with each doses of antibiotic so his gut is not negatively affected. We are grateful to have our boy back and remember ticks are rampant! Watch for lameness in the hind legs, lethargy, and lack of appetite in your dogs…most likely Lyme!”*

Susan Merenstein, RPh/Owner of MAA
“I have been using Murray Avenue Longevity formula for my 10 and half year old 90 lb lab...he is not as stiff after long walks and I have been able to reduce his rymadile RX to only once in a while..he is even able to play with the neighbor's 8 week old lab and hold his own..Thanks to Susan and her staff for helping my best companion continue to enjoy his older years with less stiffness and less meds.”*
“My cat (16.5 yrs old) has hyperthyroidism, a very common problem in older cats. She was borderline for a number of years and we tried treating her with food, which did not work. When she got worse, she was put on this medication compounded at Murray Avenue Apothecary. At that point she was very frail and very matted. The transdermal medication that we put on her ear has worked exceedingly well. She is stronger and happier (less matted). She will not take pills so the transdermal medication was really important as an option.”*