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Our Story

Est. 2007

The first thing that drew me to our current space in Greenfield was a large window at the back of the building, which of course became my office! I designed the rest of the Apothecary to be a warm and welcoming destination for health and wellness—with brightly colored walls, a state-of-the-art compounding lab, and products hand selected with decades of experience behind them.

Your Mom and Pop Mortar and Pestle Shop

You shouldn’t expect to come into MAA and see our pharmacists standing behind a big, raised counter, counting and filling prescriptions. Instead, our clinical pharmacists are developing innovative solutions to medication challenges or compounding these products in our on-site lab. They are available to answer all of your medication questions and provide the best possible treatment recommendations. We are (and will always be) your neighborhood pharmacy.

Made Just For You

Each prescription is compounded to meet your individual needs. We customize dosages, formulations, flavors, and avoid unnecessary additives and fillers. Being "green," we use recycled containers, only vegetarian capsules and no gluten or lactose fillers.

Our pharmacists hand pick the supplements we carry based on their ingredients and quality. We pay close attention to clients’ unique sensitivities, allergies, dietary restrictions, while also being eco-conscious.

We Are A Practice

With over 60 years of combined experience, our pharmacists have the training and expertise necessary to provide the quality care you deserve. We will work with your physician to develop a comprehensive therapeutic plan that works for you and meets your specific needs.

Now and Later

My vision for Murray Avenue Apothecary is to be Pittsburgh's neighborhood Apothecary and a meeting place for health for a long time to come. We will always change with the times and keep up with the latest trends in holistic treatments and compounding, but we will always be an independent cozy pharmacy to help you through your journey to health. I am proud that we are Pittsburgh's only green pharmacy and Pittsburgh's Pet Pharmacy, and now we are the exclusive retailer and wholesaler of LabNaturals Affordable Non-Toxic Skin Care.

We proudly work within the triad of care – physician, patient, and pharmacist – to safely compound each individualized medication for you and your pet.

Pittsburgh’s Only Green Pharmacy

MAA’s owner, Susan Merenstein, is an eco-thinker. When the Apothecary opened in 2007, she used as many green construction materials as possible, and continues to make business decisions with the environment in mind.

We use only veggie capsules and fillers in our compounds, and prescriptions are dispensed in green, recycled and recyclable packaging. At MAA, all of our paper waste gets recycled and we make a conscious effort to use eco-friendly supplies—from our coffee cups to coreless toilet paper!

We pay special attention to people's allergies and needs. No soy derived hormones or fillers are used in our compounds.

We sell supplements that are hand-picked by the pharmacist. Most of our supplements are gluten-free, corn-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.

Pitch In!

MAA’s Free Recycling Program is one way for you to get involved! Recycle your prescription vials, bottles, and other plastic medication containers and reduce your carbon footprint. Every little bit helps!

How does it work?

Simply bring your empty medicine bottles—with or without the labels on them—into the pharmacy and we’ll do the rest!

What are the benefits?

Every little bit counts! As Pittsburgh’s Only Green Pharmacy, we encourage you to join our earthy efforts. Doing just one small thing helps to reduce the garbage in landfills, maintain our natural resources, and keep our earth beautiful!