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MAA Supplement Testimonials*

Chewable Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics

“To say I over indulged at our company picnic is an understatement. From huge count of BBQ chicken and rib bones on my plate, to the hot fudge topped soft serve ice cream we had on the way home (because I needed a little something sweet) I put a serious hurting’ on my poor stomach.

I told my wife I needed to stop at a convenience store for Rolaids or Tums as my stomach felt like it was really burning…. she said “here try these”. The bottle said Chewable Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics from Murray Avenue Apothecary. I chewed three of those chewable enzyme tablets and literally within 3 to 4 minutes all of the stomach cramping and terrible...gastro symptoms seemed to magically disappear.

I’ve never written a testimonial before, but I know a lot of us tend to overindulge on occasion and these little chewable tablets work miracles! Thank you Murray Avenue Apothecary! I highly recommend this product!!

- J.S. - Washington Pa.

Magnesium 20% Cream

“I cannot say enough good about the magnesium cream. My husband has suffered for years with severe leg cramps during the night. We have tried all the suggested tips and remedies. Nothing worked. His physician ruled out any medical cause. The magnesium cream was suggested by one of your pharmacy staff and I am very thankful I purchased it. This cream stops my husbands leg cramps within minutes! I have had a few leg cramps of my own so I can attest to the fact it works great! We will never buy another product. I encourage anyone who is suffering from leg cramps to try it. We think it is fantastic!”

— S.S.

Healing Rub

"I got a nasty case of poison ivy and after trying to treat it with at-home remedies (oatmeal, tea, etc.), I decided to give Susan a call. She set me up with some oral and topical treatments that worked wonders for the itchiness and inflammation. From now on, Murray Avenue Apothecary will be my FIRST stop for poison ivy prevention and treatment. Thank you, Susan!”

— C.W.

Ultra Pain Relief Rub

"After bottles of ibuprofen and several visits to oral surgeon, I have finally gotten some relief from the pain due to inflammation in my jaw bone. I have applied it hourly throughout the day and before sleep and upon rising. While the pain has not completely disappeared, it has been reduced by more than half. Constant pain is an energy drain, and the relief from this product is what I have been searching for for three weeks!!!!
Thanks for the relief MAA. Ultra Pain Relief Rub works!"

— B.M.

Complete Care Lip Treatment

"Your Complete Care Lip Treatment is a miracle drug. As soon as I feel the cold sore, I apply and within 3 days, it is gone. Never fully comes out and does not scab. I have several tubes and have bought this product for family and friends and they all say how fantastic it is."

— S.D.


"I couldn't believe how much the HTP made a difference until I forgot to take it for that whole weekend entertaining. On the following Tuesday I was face down in depression! I am glad that I have the patch and Prometrium. I am using the progesterone crème about every other day too. I am so happy to not wake up with those rotten night sweats. I still can't get over the HTP. That stuff is amazing. I thank God for you. I would not have even considered it. So happy you suggested it. Prescription antidepressants are garbage."

— T.D.


"Thank you for all your help with Duncan. If more people knew about how natural sources can help you more children would succeed with beating Autism. Pharmacy schools need to have classes on these subjects because it is a necessity with Autism. Here are some of his progresses. Duncan is now potty trained. Before we tried for 2 years to train him. Eye focus with Nordic Natural oil there was no focus before. Talking with sentences of I wants. Before he was mute until 4 years of age. Magnesium-Helps to calm him for school or he will fly around the room. Multi Vitamin rub on & minerals-This also helped with talking. Glutathione and NCD For removal of heavy metals. Probiotic and digestive enzymes- Duncan is crazy without this...head banging and spinning."

— J.B.


"A few days ago someone came into my office with a bad cold. Even though I took precautions to prevent catching it, I caught it! I spent the next two days congested and sneezing. I had a terrible headache as well. I visited MAA for help! I took one dose of corsatin bromelain for the congestion. One dose of Mega defense for the cold, and sprayed magnesium on my forehead for the headache. I woke up this AM with no headache, no congestion and like magic the cold is gone. THANK YOU MAA!!!!!"

— B.M.

Magnesium 20% Cream

"I use the Transdermol Magnesium each night at bedtime. The second morning after, I had no pain!! I use the product every night and only a few times did I experience some tightness and no pain."

— B.F.

Healing Rub

"I went on an unplanned 15 mile hike that left my inner thighs so irritated I thought I would not be able to do anything the next day. I had the cream application you made for me called "Healing Rub" and applied that before I went to bed and again when I got up. I was fine. There is no doubt that I would not have been functional without that cream."

— J.L.

Autism Spectrum 1

"What a difference a year has made! I just read the testimonial I sent about CJ last year and what memories it brings back. I owe you and everyone an update!...I am happy to report that CJ is fantastic! He is a "typical" almost 5 year old now. He is in a typical class room preschool without a TSA or any assistance whatsoever. We actually got kicked out of services because he no longer qualified. What a great thing to get kicked out of! At the beginning of this school year we had a few behavior problems. He was not listening well to the teacher and was pretty far behind in his fine motor skills. We just had a meeting with his teacher and she said he has done a 180 since the beginning of the year. He is one of the most social kids in the class. As you know, autism is many things but is most easily recognized by social delays. These kids miss social cues and therefore don't make friends very easily or relate to them well. That is not a problem for us any longer. He is the life of the party! When we walk into school the kids run to him to great him and he happily engages in conversation and games. The same is true with children he meets for the first time on the playground. This would have never happened a year ago. He wouldn't even look you in the eye when we started this journey. He also has given up all of his rituals which included a 51 step bedtime routine. We have so much freedom now. We also had many sensory integration issues with CJ: bright lights, scratchy clothes, certain sounds, any loud sounds, crowded areas including even the mall or a playground were too much for him. Guess where we went this year? Monster Jams and Nuclear Cowboys! It was unbelievably loud and lights were flashing everywhere and there were huge crowds. He walked on his own like he owned the place. He did not hide, he did not have to be carried or taken out because he couldn't process it....he LOVED it! I thank God every day that He connected us with you and your staff. It has been a long road (although not really when you think that autism "has no cure") with several tweaks in supplements but I feel confident in saying we are where we need to be. I wish I could post the school pictures from last year versus this year. It is apparent that he is "present" in this year's. He is a happy, healthy child with a bright future and that is in no small part because of you and your staff. Thank you does not begin to describe how much we appreciate your hard work. It has been a team effort and we are thrilled we were brought together for this journey."

— K.I. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Autism Spectrum 2

"Dear Susan,

I just had to tell you what is going on over here. To refresh your memory, our 3 year old son C.J. was diagnosed with PDD NOS. I received the package from your store on Wednesday, January 20th. We started that day with the vitamins, etc. I know you said we needed to see how things were in six months but there is already a drastic change in C.J.! It's like he is "there" for the first time ever! He is already answering open-ended questions when he was not before. He is starting to give up some of his rituals. He is calmer and not angry all the time. He is noticing people's emotions. I know I want to see a change. So maybe it's just me, right? No, it's not. We went to look at a new car on Saturday and the salesman commented on how well-behaved he was and how clearly he spoke. We would have never attempted to take him on an outing like this before. At the first of the school year he was understood about 47% of the time. According to the sheet we got from his speech therapist on Thursday, she understood him 100%. The people at church today asked what we did to him because he seemed "brighter." His developmental therapist who was here on Friday told me she didn't know what else to work on. She said it was like a switch flipped. I had not told her of the change in his treatment by then. I did after, of course! Today when I gave him the supplements, etc. he said, "This makes me feel better." What a great sentence! What a great truth! I purchased and am currently reading the book you suggested, Children with Starving Brains. What an eye opener! I am not saying we have arrived but I never imagined we could get this far this quickly. I can hardly wait to see what's to come with prolonged use and other interventions we will try. Susan, thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Thank you for knowing what you know. But most of all, thank you for giving us our child back!

With Our Deepest Gratitude,"

— K.I. & N.I. (Pittsburgh, PA)


"L-Theanine has helped me immensely with memory issues. When speaking to people I would stumble with wording, names of people and places. Within a week of taking L-theanine I realized that I wasn't having that happen anymore. My recall of names was so improved that I was remembering and have continued to remember things that were astonishing even to me. Thank you Susan for always having a solution to my problems!"

— L.F.


"I take a liquid health multivitamin, and other supplements as recommended by Susan Merenstein such as fish oil, B12, vitamin E, immunomax and Quercetin Bromelein when I feel like I am getting a sniffle. The combination of supplements (and enough sleep/healthy diet/ sugar reduction) have kept me healthy and with energy to train- including training outside in the cold and wet during the winter."

— Stephanie, Competitive Cyclist (Pittsburgh, PA)


"I hit the age of 46 and my skin went "bonkers". Through consultation with Susan, she immediately identified the problem and recommended Probiotics. Guess what? I am beautiful again! (Smile)"

— M.B.


"Dear MAA,

I recently got a staph infection on my hand and my Doctor prescribed Keflex AntiBX. Being a Crohn's patient I was concerned about it's effect on my stomach and digestive system. I phoned Murray Avenue Apothecary and was instructed to take a dose of probiotics with every dose of Keflex...(six months ago I took Antibiotics and the results were very harmful to my stomach and I didnt want to go thru that again). Sure enough, the probiotics which I picked up from the friendly staff at MAA did the trick. I completed my dose of Antibiotics and with your help, with probiotics, I had zero stomach issues.

Thanks MAA!"

— B. Allans (Fox Chapel, PA)


"Susan Merenstein's knowledge never ceases to amaze me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November, 2002 and met Susan through my best friend. Susan contacted me the day before my surgery to wish me well and following my surgery consulted with me regarding supplements to help me with my chemotherapy regimen. Susan's supplements kept my heart strong during this grueling period. I have been in contact with Susan since 2002 and continue to benefit from her knowledge and supplements to support my immune system. Most recently, I started taking supplements to prevent me from contracting the many colds and viruses this past season. While my friends and co-workers became ill with the colds, flu, and allergies I never contracted the illnesses. My primary care physician is amazed at my cholesterol levels and I attribute this to Susan's fish oil. Everything that Susan Merenstein prescribes is pure, natural and of the best quality. Susan has also remained a friend for life. There should be more people like Susan Merenstein and Murray Avenue Apothecary in the world."

— Adele


"I hadn’t felt my right foot or my right leg in quite a while. The first week on the liquid zeolite I noticed that I can feel my toes a little bit. I can feel them when I move them and I’m aware that I’m able to move them, whereas before – forget it. I would tell them to move, and they would say “forget you, we’re not moving”. This is really thrilling, because if I could get my balance back – Oh my gosh! I’d feel wonderful. Balance is a big issue."

— S.

Multiple Sclerosis

"In August of last year I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was told at that time to go home and get my affairs in order because I had a progressive as well as an aggressive case. At that time I got in touch with a friend, and he introduced me to the products on August 28th. On September 5th, I was out of bed and walking around and doing for myself again. Since then, the products have got me back on my feet and headed back to the right path, I guess I should say. And it’s all due to these products. I am once again becoming the person that I once was before being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and that will be a year on August 23rd."

— B.


"All supplements and prescriptions are fabulous! I feel so much better. Customer service - TOP NOTCH, friendly and fast service."


"Thank you for recognizing that South Florida is hot and can break down your product. Not many companies will go to the extent that you do to protect their product, so thank you for doing that."

— M.B.

"Fred Martin, a veteran, and I share these products in a kiosk at the VA Hospital. We first met Debra in August while she stopped her wheelchair at our presentation, We talked for several minutes; she explained she has MS and hadn't felt her legs for over a year now. She agreed to purchase 1 liquid zeolite and 1 MD. When I called one month later to help her set up her autoship, she excitedly explained that she is now lifting her feet 8 inches off the ground, and is able to help her husband help her into bed. She is feeling sensations in her legs now for the first time in well over a year. She proclaimed "I know I am going to walk again". I saw her again yesterday at the VA. I told her I had been praying with my bible study group that "Debra would stand by Christmas, and walk by Easter." She said, "well Kimberly, I'm already standing!" Hallelujah! Thank you for giving hope to my friend, Debra."

"I have a friend, Susie, who has MS. She had a motorized wheelchair, a regular wheelchair, a walker and a cane. She had gotten to the point where she was pretty much full-time in the motorized chair. She has had MS since 1963. It started with double vision. They called it very, very progressive particularly the later years.

She started only taking 3 drops 3 times a day and by the third day she was out of her wheelchair, and she hasn’t been back to it since. She had no feeling in her hands and her arms and her legs. All of her feelings have come back. She was not able to taste. Her taste buds weren’t working. And that all came back. The rest of it was over about a month or six weeks. It was so amazing to me."

— D.

"I hadn’t felt my right foot or my right leg in quite a while. The first week on the liquid zeolite I noticed that I can feel my toes a little bit. I can feel them when I move them and I’m aware that I’m able to move them, whereas before – forget it. I would tell them to move, and they would say “forget you, we’re not moving”. This is really thrilling, because if I could get my balance back – Oh my gosh! I’d feel wonderful. Balance is a big issue."

— S.

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