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Animal Testimonials*

Pet Corner

“I just want to thank all of you at MAA for being so wonderful, energetic and helpful to me and my patients. Oh, and we are Loving the CBD... Good feedback so far…Anxiety ...canine cognitive dysfunction…traveling…

Thanks again – you all are so wonderful!”

– Dr. Missy Battaglia DVM, Vet to Pet Veterinarian

Corn and Callus Cream

“The corn medication was easy to apply and completely removed the corn in about a week. So pleased!!”


Pet Corner

“I just wanted to thank all of the staff [at Murray Avenue Apothecary] for being so great about my cat, Flower’s, several meds I had compounded every month, for the last 2-3 years. Unfortunately she passed last week. I feel like you’d wonder where I was! Seriously though, I was lucky to have such a dependable pharmacy and caring staff. I have one prescription for myself, so I’ll see you soon.”


Compounded Liquid Prednisolone

“My cat has asthma and is impossible to pill. The chicken-flavor liquid prednisolone is easily administered in canned cat food and my cat eats it right up! The measured oral syringe allows for easy dosage adjustments, if needed. Thank you Murray Avenue Apothecary for saving my cat’s breathing and my sanity!”

– AK

Murray Avenue Apothecary's Pet Corner

“I sent an email to the Apothecary and got a lovely response from Laura. It is thanks to you and the Apothecary and the chewy meds you crafted so carefully for Toby that he enjoyed many years of good health, despite his thyroid disease. Thank you so much for all your support over the years. It has meant so much.”

– MR

CBD for Pets

“I’ve been recommending CBD a lot lately. Hope folks are coming to [Murray Avenue Apothecary] (The only place we mention…) We witnessed the calming effects in a dog that hates getting her nails done. Literally usually a 3-person job. We were shocked. The owner works in LA and has used it for calming a stray dog she took in as well. I am going to try it for my own dog’s anxiety. Thank You!”

– Dr. B. Veterinarian

Ralph’s Inflammation and Immunity Formula

"It really has helped SO much! We haven't needed to use the "full treatment" for months now ... as long as we keep the Immunity Formula in his system on a regular basis. It's our miracle pill! :)"

— CW

Murray Avenue Apothecary's Pet Corner

"Because of Susan and the Apothecary, Toby was able to get the medications he needed for his thyroid disease and lived well for most of his life until he died at age 16. He was the big white cat who was in the video (link here) you have on your website. I am so grateful for your support and all you have done for me, for the community and beyond (I have continued to order from you even though I now live in Florida!) I also have appreciated the kindness of everyone I have dealt with on your staff."

— MR

Corn/Callus Cream

"Our greyhound, Faith, had a corn on her front paw for years that started to really bother her recently. We tried everything from tape to banana peels, and it just got worse to where she wouldn't even put any pressure on it. After trying the Hyaluronic Acid and Corn/Callus Cream Combo for about a month, she now walks perfectly like she did before. It looks like the corn has fallen out, and we are so happy with the results. We definitely recommend giving this a try if your greyhound suffers from corns. Thank you so much for creating this product!!"

"Ordered the corn cream from you last summer as my one greyhound, Star, had two really terrible corns, one on a front foot, one on the back. The front one was especially painful; she limped terribly on our walks, in fact, we were wearing booties all summer because of the pain. I got the cream and serum, and was never very religious about it, but found, in her case, it really didn't matter--that stuff just sunk in and went to work. It didn't seem to make a difference whether I wrapped with saran or not, either. Within days, I could peel off some corn, and within a month, the corn had shrunk so much, and was lifting out of the pad layer by layer...incredible. It was gone by October, and she was pain free. I find the corn does tend to start to coming back, but I throw on some serum, then throw on some cream, while we're on the couch at night, maybe once a week, and just that simple application keeps them at bay. A tiny dab'll do ya! I have enough serum and cream in these bottles to last for years, I would say (don't know what the shelf life is, but...)And Susan, your service over the summer when we had the mail strike, was so great, I really appreciated how flexible you were with trying to figure out how to get around the mail strike... Great stuff, love it. My Greyhound rescue group is really advocating this cream, too; I know so many people who are using it and swear by it."

"I wanted to let you know the results of your non prescription cream for corns for greyhounds. I used the cream on my dog, Caity, and it was successful in removing the corn. I used it twice a day for 2 1/2 weeks. I think I only missed 2 morning treatments during that time frame. I didn't see it "pop" out. It apparently happened on the last night that I used the cream because when I went to do the treatment the following morning, it was gone!"

"We used your corn cream on our greyhound, Larry, for 1 month and his com came out this week. We are so grateful for your product!"

"I have been using the corn and callus cream since Labor Day. My dog had three corns. I was just beginning to get discourage when one of them came off on Saturday. Then this morning another is gone. She has one more large corn to go. I am very happy. I hope this last corn comes off soon because she is walking very tenderly on it now. I think it is loose like a kid with a loose tooth. Should I continue the treatments and for how long? The corn on her back foot that came off on Saturday is healed and no hole is visible so I did not treat it this morning. The corn on her right foot still has a visible hole where the corn came off so I did treat that this morning."

"I've ordered the wonderful Corn Cream for our Greyhounds. At the moment, I am happy to say both greyhounds have been 'cornless' for a year due to your product."

"After purchasing the cream and after only 3 days of treatment the corns are already coming out. I'm so excited that this is working. Last night I was able to pull a lot of the big corn out and a small portion of the big one. Amazing is all I can say. Hopefully soon Lizzy will no longer be limping and can enjoy running again. I'm sending a copy of this to our local greyhound rescue group so they can pass the word on."

"We used your Greyhound Corn Cream for our Peanut a few years ago with FANTASTIC success. She had been limping for the better part of a year before your treatment but has remained absolutely corn-free since then. Thank you, thank you so very much!!"

Other Animal Testimonials

Lymphoma in a Cat

"About 8 months ago our 12 year old cat Abby developed a terrible gastrointestinal problem, after being diagnosed with Feline Lymphoma, resulting in horrible accidents and depression. Our vet, who has been so wonderful and only wanted Abby to be healthy, began a regimen of steroids and diet changes. Abby become very lethargic with a very sad quality of life. The situation became dire, it was suggested that Abby was too stressed and it may be time to end her misery. We knew Susan at the apothecary was a genius with her compounding. It was worth a conversation with her before we made our decision. Susan had suggestion we try Acetyl-Glutathione for Abby. We started a regimen in her food with a flavored liquid. Not feeling optimistic, we continued...... Within a week Abby was acting like her playful self!!!! We were shocked and amazed!!! Her condition will never be cured, but she has no accidents and certainly has a wonderful quality of life. Our vet was so supportive and thrilled for us and Abby, she now recommends the apothecary for her clients. We are ever so grateful to Susan, owner of Murray Avenue Apothecary for her visions to give her humans and animals a healthy and happy life outside of the traditional box. Please trust that there are other options!!"

"Never used medication on my giant Schnauzer...REMARKABLE RESULTS on her lips within ONE WEEK! Runs, jumps, and is able to keep up with the new puppy! Happy Emma and Happy me!"

"This is a testimonial about a 12-year-old large 90 lb, dog with bad arthritis to the degree she has episodes where she can not stand or walk. I went to Murray Avenue Apothecary with the hopes of finding a solution and sure enough they had one. This was in June of 2014. They recommended Acetyl-Glutathione. She had been limping from an injury due to the arthritis when she slipped down the steps. Within 2 weeks of taking Glutathione she stopped limping. It is now December 2014 and she is visibly stronger and in much less pain. I was told by the Apothecary Pharmacist that she will most likely improve even more and keep getting stronger the longer she takes it. This is a report of the improvement in 6 months so far."

"Thanks for prompt and friendly service - I thank you and my cat thanks you!"

"Bless you all for the outstanding service you provide to hound and human!"

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