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Squeaky Clean 180 ct

Gentle and complete intestinal cleanser, detoxifier and conditioner.  Healthy intestinal function and a balanced intestinal environment are essential to your overall health and proper immune function, yet a variety of lifestyle factors can make this difficult to maintain. Squeaky Clean® brings together into one carefully balanced product a complete range of natural ingredients that work together to promote and revitalize optimal intestinal function, and support overall intestinal health.  Dr. Wilson’s unique formula contains 8 different types of dietary fiber, 3 strains of probiotics, 5 herbs, bentonite clay and proteolytic enzymes that all work together to help thoroughly clean your intestinal tract, promote regularity and effective evacuation of waste and toxins, soothe and condition your intestinal linings, and maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora.  Squeaky Clean® gently promotes a healthy intestinal environment for normal function and nutrient absorption without dependency - all in easy to take vegetarian capsules.

180 count