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Vitamin C Adrenal Formula

The best vitamin C formula ever designed to simultaneously help you withstand stress and recover from Adrenal Fatigue. During stress, vitamin C disappears from your blood stream at an extremely rapid rate. As a result, all tissues of your body, but especially your adrenal glands, need extra vitamin C during times of emotional, physical and mental stress. This means that when you are experiencing or recovering from illness, addiction, injury, surgery, environmental pollution, poor diet, pressure at work, relationship or financial problems, or a significant loss, you need much more vitamin C. However, ordinary vitamin C (ascorbic acid) supplements can make things worse because they increase your body's acidity and you tend to be too acidic already when you have Adrenal Fatigue. Adrenal C Formula is specially formulated to solve this problem. It is the only vitamin C complex ever developed specifically for people with Adrenal Fatigue.


    • Optimum amount of vitamin C to counter accelerated depletion during stress*
    • Integrated sustained release for enhanced cellular retention and utilization*
    • pH balanced by mineral chelates
    • Minerals essential to adrenal hormone synthesis and cellular antioxidant formation*
    • Optimal ratio of bioflavonoids for greatest vitamin C antioxidant potency*
    • Buffered to minimize gastric irritation*


150 count