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Body Guard

Body-Guard™ Natural fortifier for your body's front line immune defenses. This unique liquid formula contains a powerful combination of herbs and other natural ingredients that help provide immediate immune support.  There are times when special targeted immune support can help you maintain a healthy body.

Body-Guard™ is designed to provide immediate support for efficient immune function, especially in the mouth, nose, throat, bronchi, stomach, intestines, bladder, urethra, and vagina. These are areas where your inner body interfaces with the outer environment, and the immune system stages its front line defenses against external pathogens. Intended for short-term, occasional use, Body-Guard™ begins working right away to help support the immune activity that establishes healthy microbial balance in these areas. This doctor-designed formula has been used clinically with exceptional success, and its broad, rapid immune enhancing action has proven useful in many different situations.

Body-Guard™ is a unique liquid formula that contains a carefully balanced, dynamic combination of colloidal silver, herbs and other natural ingredients that have each demonstrated effectiveness in specific health-promoting activities. It is designed to do just what its name implies - act like your personal inner bodyguard to fortify immune function when extra protection is required at your body’s front lines. As a result, you can rapidly gain a healthy, balanced inner environment.  It is best to take Body-Guard™ at the first sign you need it because the faster you act, the faster you will experience results. You may notice its effects within 1 to 2 days, and usually within 7 to 10 days optimal results are achieved. Women seeking bladder or urinary support have typically reported good results within 10 days. It can be used time after time with reliable results, but is not meant to be an every day supplement, and should be taken as directed and only when needed. 

30 ml