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Eye Vitamin / Maxivision

Premiere complete multivitamin with 47 ingredients geared towards total eye and body health.
Contains 20 mg FloraGlo Lutein (derived from 200 mg&FloraGlo Lutein) and 4 mg Zeaxanthin per serving.
Contains all the nutrients used in the AREDS studies at safe proper levels. All ingredients used in the formulation are at 100% pure concentration.MAXIVISION Whole Body Formula is doctor recommended for patients of all ages and specifically for those with macular degeneration.Formulated, Manufactured, and Distributed by an optometrist with over 20 years of nutritional expertise. Helps maintain the macular area and helps in the prevention of macularn degenerative disease while working to stabilize and retard further progression of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Contains the optimal levels of specific nutrients to help prevent chronic diseases.

120 count