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A Tribute to Scruffy

Nearly 2 years ago Susan Merenstein, owner of Murray Avenue Apothecary, adopted Scruffy who was being fostered by her daughter and son in law. Scruffy was the oldest dog in the shelter. They listed him at age 11, but the vet said "closer to age 14". The plan was, if Scruff could get along with their 11-year-old dog Ralph, he could spend his last few days on earth with a real family (not in a cage). Scruffy had severe vision & hearing impairments. Scruff and Ralph became best friends and brothers. Ralph became Scruffy's guide dog and loved him like a life long brother. Ralph seemed to have found a new purpose in life. With the help of beef flavored pet meds and vitamins from Murray Avenue Apothecary, Scruff showed remarkable improvements . He had to learn how to "play" and he sure did. Scruffy spent the past 22 months enjoying daily walks in the park, playing in the snow, and going to outdoor clubs and restaurants when Hersh Merenstein was in town.

Unfortunately, Scruffy has passed away… Even though Susan only had him in her family for 22 months, she says, "It was a pleasure seeing him regain his youth for his short time on earth with his real family…Us".