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We love being able to help patients achieve balance, quality of life, and lasting health

Women today prefer natural hormones! In a national survey of 1009 women aged 40 and older, 83% said they would prefer to use hormones that are identical to their own body’s naturally occurring hormones.

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Susan Merenstein, RPh/Owner, has almost 40 years of pharmacy practice and 20 years of clinical experience in hormone therapy. Her expertise has led to positive changes in health and overall well-being and helped to increase the quality of life of many clients.

With over 60 years of combined experience, our pharmacists have the training and expertise necessary to provide the quality care you deserve. We will work with your physician to develop a comprehensive therapeutic plan that works for you and meets your specific needs. We always respect and honor the triad of care between Physician, Pharmacist, and patient.

Keeping your hormones at youthful levels prevents aging skin! Read our blog article about Hormones and the Skin!

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