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“I reached out to Susan and she immediately had a solution for me… the natural supplements and hormones I receive from Murray Avenue Apothecary must be working because I have never felt better! My experience with Susan and Murray Avenue Apothecary has made me re-think conventional medicine as the only solution for my health issues. I recommend her to my friends and customers all the time. Thank you so much!”*

We proudly work within the triad of care - physician, patient, and pharmacist - to safely compound each individualized medication for you. Our pharmacists will assist your physician in finding a therapy that is made especially for you, with the exact dosage for your specific needs.

Step 1: Click on Initial Consult Form and submit. (Remember, when checking off symptoms, we want the symptoms you have been experiencing for the last three to six months). A representative from Murray Avenue Apothecary will contact you to schedule your personal one-on-one consultation with the pharmacist.

Step 2: One hour consult with the pharmacist to go over your test results and create an individual protocol for you.

Step 3: We will contact your physician if necessary to request prescriptions for Gentle Hormone Restoration Therapy®.

Step 4: We will call or email you after three weeks to see how you are doing on your protocol. Typically, a 30-minute follow up appointment with the pharmacist is scheduled at 3 months to make any necessary changes to the protocol and re-evaluate. Testing may be suggested at 6 months if there are issues. We recommend testing every year in addition to your yearly checkup blood testing.

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1 hr - $125.00

30 min - $75.00

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