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Keys to Living a Healthy Vibrant Life

Many people choose to lose weight, cut out sugar, run a marathon, learn another language, or finally clean out the garage, but as this time of year approaches, my resolution, and my suggestion for yours, remains the same: Live a healthier life.

The power of this resolution is in its broad simplicity because it allows for successes, great and small, in many areas of your life.

“Live a healthier life,” however, can become a mantra. As you go through every day, remind yourself of this goal by asking, “Will this make my life healthier?”

“Will eating this bag of chips…?”

“Will going for a walk…?”

“Will taking the stairs…?”

Every “yes,” that you actually follow through with, is a victory. Small victories lead to a sense of accomplishment and soon even bigger victories.

The support of family and community can increase your motivation, your tenacity, and eventually your victories. Thankfully when you need help trying to live a healthier life you have a lifeline at Murray Avenue Apothecary and LabNaturals, Inc.

How can Murray Avenue Apothecary and LabNaturals help you live a healthier life?

Healthy Hormones

Hormones are a “Foundation of Health” affecting everything from weight and energy levels to mood and self-confidence. Poor diet, stress, even getting older can contribute to hormonal imbalance. I have been passionate about hormones for half of my 40-year practice and have over 20 years of experience in Hormone Consultations and Gentle Hormone Restoration Therapy.

We carry easy-to-use, in-home, test kits for testing your hormone levels and we compound human identical hormones in our on-site, state-of-the-art compounding lab. We are here for you from start to finish. Learn more about Hormones and fill out our Initial Consult form online at MAApgh.com

Healthy Digestion

Healthy digestion starts with healthy food. Proper nutrition is a great place to start because the old adage is true, “You are what you eat!” And I add to that “You are what you absorb”. As we get older, we lose Digestive Enzyme production to help assimilate nutrients from food. A diet rich in whole grains, healthy fat, Omega 3 fatty acids, and lots organic green leafy vegetables and rainbow color is a must. Another key to digestive health is healthy gastrointestinal flora. Your gut is full, or should be full, of friendly bacteria called Probiotics. These beneficial bacteria make up the microbiome which helps digest our food, create Vitamin K and B Vitamins and even affect our moods in our guts or the “second brain.” Without replenishing these “good bacteria” that processed foods, alcohol, and antibiotic prescriptions kill off we are prone to overgrowth of yeast, candida, and Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Almost everyone can benefit from probiotics as part of their daily health routine and they are number one in my personal top 5 supplement regimen. We recommend the 30 Billion Count Probiotics available at the Apothecary. We also carry Chewable Probiotics combined with Digestive Enzymes, Betaine HCl enzymes, and Astaxanthin which may all help improve GERD or Heartburn. These are all available on our website maapgh.com.

Healthy ECS (Endocannabinoid System)

ECS stands for Endocannabinoid System. The Endocannabinoid System is a complex network of receptors located all over the body that have a key role in homeostasis or keeping the body in balance. My staff and I have researched and learned a great deal about the ECS and how to use CBD to enhance its function. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of the Hemp Plant that promotes and supports the nutritional health of the human body and nourishes and supports the Endocannabinoid System. Our Phytocannabinoid Rich Plant Oil (LabNaturals CBD Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil) is available online and by phone curbside. Call 412-421-4996 to speak with an expert today and we’ll help you decide what product may be best for you and your health goals. Visit www.LabNaturalsCBD.com for more information, third party test results, and testimonials.

The Opioid Epidemic has reached unfathomable proportions and is killing our family members, friends, and neighbors every day! We also work closely with doctors to use CBD to potentially help patients wean off opioids. Please have your Pain Physician or Physical therapist contact our Pharmacists to work together as a team to help you achieve a better quality of life!

Healthy Bedrooms

Good sleep habits are a very important part of overall health. Sleeping in a totally dark room and avoiding screens, like phones, TVs, and computers, around bed time may help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Most importantly is going to bed and awakening at the same time every day to encourage your body’s natural internal clock. Taking Melatonin nightly can help your Pineal gland rest and may help in the aging process. Avoid drinking before bed (alcohol raises blood sugar which raises insulin interferes with liver function) and leave 3 hours between dinner and bedtime to let the body’s digestive system rest and detoxify. Taking a hot bath, reading a book, or journaling your thoughts of the day can relieve stress and lead to a better night’s sleep.

Healthy Bedrooms, however, aren’t just about sleeping…

Healthy Pets

Pets are an important part of the family and they need just as much care and attention as we do! Murray Avenue Apothecary is Pittsburgh’s Pet Pharmacy working closely with veterinarians to compound pet medication into easier dosage forms. Is it an impossible fight to give your cat a pill? Does your dog just spit out medications? We are able to turn those pesky pills into liquids or flavored treats. Topical RX and OTC compounds, and other compounded pet specific supplements are part of MAA’s Pet Corner. We even carry CBD Hemp Plant Oil for Pets to help with arthritis, anxiety, asthma, and other animal conditions. Check out the many testimonials at LabNaturalsCBD.com for people and pets.

At Murray Avenue Apothecary we believe in the triad of holistic health: Patient, Physician, and Pharmacist working together to achieve the health and wellbeing of our clients. We will even contact your doctor for you. There will be times during this new year when you are unsure of the answer to the question, “Will this make my life healthier?” At those moments we hope you remember this article and your community pharmacy, Murray Avenue Apothecary, as a place to receive honest expert advice and any guidance you may require on your journey to a healthier you.

Covid Prevention

The past year has been a rough one in many ways for people-being separated from loved ones, stressed by illness, loss of jobs, and the stress of being couped up in the house. Besides masks, hand washing, and physical distance, you can use my Covid Prevention Protocol. Ask about it when you call the Apothecary today! Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Zinc, Quercetin, and of course Acetyl Glutathione! (Our new website is coming! GlutathionePharmacist.com)

We are here for you! We are your neighbors and partners in health!