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CBD-Medicinal Hemp Oil Testimonials*

Anxiety in Pets

“I’ve been recommending CBD a lot lately. Hope folks are coming to [Murray Avenue Apothecary] (The only place we mention…) We witnessed the calming effects in a dog that hates getting her nails done. Literally usually a 3-person job. We were shocked. The owner works in LA and has used it for calming a stray dog she took in as well. I am going to try it for my own dog’s anxiety. Thank You!”

– Dr. B. Veterinarian

Postherpetic Neuralgia

“So my mom and I just happened to walk past the pharmacy when she suggested we go in. For the past 20 years I've taken neurotin for PHN due to numerous brain surgeries and then shingles. Neurontin wasn't a cure all and it became insanely expensive. Pharmacist Merenstein introduced me to CBD oil and literally within 24 hours I noticed a significant decrease in pain. Not to mention that I am sleeping a lot better. Susan Merenstein is very knowledgeable and honest and she has changed my life for the better.”

– F.B.


(Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections)

“Several of my son’s specialists had suggested he try CBD oil during the past year to see if it would help at all, although they had little to no knowledge of a company to turn to or proper dosage for my son. We have been long time clients of Murray Avenue Apothecary and turn to Susan Merenstein for her advice and expertise. Following a consultation with Susan on 6/1/17, we were thrilled to have the proper guidance and access to the superior product that she recommended CBD Hemp Oil Tincture. Although, Susan suggested .25 ml 2x/day for my son, I was aware of several cases of children with similar diagnoses as my son for whom CBD oil had a stimulating effect and could not tolerate the oil. With that knowledge, I opted to start with a very small dose (.1ml) to explore the effect of CBD on my son. Within 30 minutes of starting the oil, my son reported an overall calm feeling and the rages and emotional lability that had occurred just prior to that first dose quickly subsided.

Unfortunately, 5-6 hours later, he began feeling out of control once again, however, not as severely as before. About an hour before bedtime that evening, I doubled the dosage to .2 ml. Once again, he felt calm within 15-20 minutes and slept soundly that evening. He slept a total 9 hours—an hour longer than usual—and felt more refreshed in the morning than he had in a long time.

Beginning the following day, he began the recommended .25 ml every 12 hours. He has been on this dosage for the past 19 days with extremely positive results. Since starting the product, my son’s anxiety has decreased drastically, his raging has stopped, brain fog is gone, and emotions are regulated. He is happier, his joint pain has disappeared, and his academic skills have improved. Although OCD is still elevated, it is at a slightly lower level than before. My husband and I are extremely grateful that we have access to CBD Hemp Oil products and plan to use them for my son for the long term. The change in my son in such a short period of time has been quite remarkable. Thank you, Susan, for your expertise, and thank you for your life-changing product.”

- B.M.

“An 11-year-old boy who was bedridden with Lyme and PANS began getting out of bed after two days on the oil, and within the first month made a dramatic recovery.”


Arthritis and Pain

“I've waited til today to post. I've been taking 1/2 of the recommended dosage for my arthritis and severe knee pain (I need 2 knee replacements) since Tuesday. I took 1/2 the recommended dose this AM and will take the other half tonight. I've been feeling positive results from day 1, but today was the best. I have no sharp knee pains but do feel the pressure of bone on bone in my knees when I walk. I could cry!! What a relief!! A side effect is that I feel calmer and less anxious!! Thank you, Susan, for providing this to the people of Pittsburgh!!”

– A.G.

Crohn’s Disease

“Had the typical start to Crohn’s flare up. Joint pain- gut pain- lots of inflammation. After about three or four oral small doses of CBD, all symptoms have disappeared. I would highly recommend this product for people who need help with auto immune inflammation.”

– B.M. Optician


“When diagnosed with a spot of melanoma for the 4th time, I felt it was time to be more proactive about my care. After contacting Susan, we settled on CBD's to help with the current cancer and my anxiety. The effect on my mood was almost immediate. After 4 weeks of taking the oil, I went in for surgery on the affected area and was told it looked more like a suspicious mole than cancer. In addition, my scar from surgery is almost undetectable. Thank you to everyone at the Murray Ave Pharmacy. You are literally saving lives.” – JS

“I spoke to a pharmacist who advised me on the strength and appropriate dose. I felt I was properly evaluated for treatment before I purchased the CBD.”

GI Health

“I felt I was out of hope. Then I came to the Pharmacy. My GI doctor wanted me to go on an immune suppression drug. I wasn’t ready to do that. Gradually over the first few weeks my symptoms – which resembled irritable bowel, began to get less and less, and more normal stools have occurred.”

“About 5-7 days after the first does the painful cramping and evacuation of stood improved. I felt better. I had less pain and cramping than I had experienced on and off all day.”


“For 25 years I’ve taken Neurontin for headaches related to brain surgery and then additionally for shingles related pain since 2007. I immediately stopped Neurontin once I started CBD oil and I haven’t gone back. Also, Neurontin only dulled postherpetic neuralgia pain. CBD oil has practically eliminated it.”

“No longer taking Percocet.”

“Within 24 hours I received complete relief from shingles related pHN (postherpetic neuralgia) and I have been mostly pain free since June 2017. An added benefit is that I also get amazing sleep now.


“I have been getting the best sleep of my life. Each night I fall into a deep sleep until my alarm goes off.”

“I feel like my overall wellbeing has improved. Maybe it’s because I’m getting truly restful sleep and my body is no longer fighting the pain.”

“I feel very calm on this and sleep is better, longer and more restful.”

“No more insomnia!”

“Decreased Naprosyn to one every 12 hours.”

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