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HyaLife 2 120ct

  • Six weeks to smoother skin, healthier joints and eyes!
  • Unique, enzymatically cleaved formulation of hyaluronic acid designed for optimal GI absorption

Marketed for over fifteen years to humans for skin, eye, joint, and wound health, we're finding amazing ptoential for animal applications as well!

  • Easily absorbed! Enzymatic cleaving provides dramatically reduced molecular weight/size facilitates oral absorption (and consequent excretion in tears)
  • Natural, rooster comb source has been safely used as a source of HA for injectable for osteoarthritis treatment of the knee for decades.
  • Ophthalmologist’s community study - 100% of patients experienced improvement in dry eye symptoms. Patients report relief in hours (to overnight).
  • Patients report use before and after medical procedures lead to decreased healing times with less scarring.