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Sleep Balance Profile

Several key hormones rule the sleep-wake cycle, and restful sleep demands on those being in balance. With an estimated 60 million Americans suffering from some degree of insomnia - whether that be early waking or the inability to get to sleep and stay asleep - the need to measure and monitor these hormone levels is paramount. 

The first four-point test profile offering a complete diurnal pattern of melatonin and cortisol.

Advantages of ZRT’s Test Method:

  • No more 2:00am wake-ups – morning collection reflects overnight melatonin levels
  • More accurate results because testing does not interrupt sleep
  • Measures cortisol and melatonin at 4 time points throughout the day to provide a true 24-hour sleep-wake pattern
  • Discreet dried urine collection eliminates the inconvenience of jug urine collection