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ChitoRhino Kit: ChitoRhino & The CleanWash Bottle

ChitoRhino is a unique (patent pending) nasal and sinus rinse.

ChitoRhino is a soothing, ph-balanced saline solution infused with CHITOSAN.

The CleanWash bottle (patent pending) is the most advanced nasal and sinus rinse on the market.

Do you need the most advanced bottle? Think about the process of nasal irrigation. As you squeeze and release current "dirty wash" bottles, the bottle's negative pressure sucks the nasal and sinus contaminants back into the bottle. Then the process is repeated with every squeeze.

The CleanWash bottle has three unique features to prevent contamination during rinsing, and promotes cleaning and dry after use.

1) The CleanWash bottle contains a ONE WAY valve for fluids. Fluids can't return into the bottle.

2) The CleanWash bottle contains a ONE WAY valve for air. The bottle efficiently refills with air without the need to remove the bottle from your nostril.

3) The CleanWash bottle has a removable bottom. This allows for efficient cleaning and drying to prevent bacterial biofilm formation in the bottom of the bottle.

Chitosan is an ALL-NATURAL, completely biodegradable bio-polymer with CLINICALLY proven anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. contains: All-natural sea salt, USP sodium bicarbonate, chitosan, xylitol