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Super Immune Space Sprinkles

Super Immune Space Sprinkles is not a pharmaceutical; it is a dietary supplement formulated to invigorate a child’s own immune processes naturally over time.

With its dynamic combination of Nat-Stim, the powerful natural immune stimulator developed by top European scientists, and the 6 beneficial live probiotics specially selected for young intestinal tracts, this formula has several outstanding features that make it unique. Nat-Stim was developed for general aspects of immune function necessary for effects that build and deepen over time.

In addition, by contributing to a balanced intestinal environment in children, the live probiotics target the defenses along the digestive tract. The friendly probiotic bacteria come with the food they need for a balance of intestinal flora necessary for optimal intestinal function in children. With children, probiotics are not always cooperative about doing what’s good for them. That’s why Dr. Wilson created the natural immune formulation kids like to take. The natural, easy-to-use powder can be added to beverages or moist foods.

This product does NOT contain any dairy, wheat, salt gluten, soy, corn, nuts, yeast, preservatives, artificial coloring, nor added flavoring.