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How exactly can Murray Avenue Apothecary help your pet? Read our blog post, and find out!

Corn & Callus Cream

View our Corn & Callus Cream study here.

Corn & Callus Cream

MAA Corn/Callus Cream (a proprietary formula) helps to: soften and heal the skin, promote removal of corns and calluses, and has anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties.

We have dispensed between 1600-1700 tubes of this amazing cream! Our preliminary study shows 75%-80% of corns are improved or resolved with the use of both Hyaluronic Acid and Corn/Callus Cream.

Get more information and directions for use here.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a very light, super-hydrating lotion that moisturizes by absorbing up to 1,000 times its own weight in water.

Contains: omega-6, B-vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin.

DID YOU KNOW?…If you have leftover Hyaluronic lotion you can use it on your own corns and calluses as well!

Ralph's Immunity / Inflammation Formula

A great immune booster, detox, and antioxidant treatment to pair with the Corn/Callus Cream for a better outcome!

For more information and other compounds, click here.

We encourage maintenance treatment twice a week after the corn comes out.

In the news…

Read an interview with Susan Merenstein RPh/owner of Murray Avenue Apothecary about the Corn Cream in the Sighthound Journal.

“I have been soaking Ramses corn in Epson Salts and applying Kerasolv for at least 3 months. It was slightly starting to come away at the bottom in a very small place. Started the Corn and Callus Cream, and four days later, it came off.”*

“The area around it is starting to come loose – you can see the hole on the right where the big corn was. Pretty quick results. I'm pleased. Thank you very much.”*

“We have been using the two stage treatment for corns on our Greyhound, Casey, for about two months. When we started he could walk/run on only three legs. Now he is completely mobile with no indication of pain or loss of agility. He performs beautiful 360 spins enthusiastically! The pad is smooth with perhaps only a slight residual indication of a corn. We were expecting the corn to loosen requiring removal but that has not happened. It just seemed to essentially disappear. Our question is should we continue to use the "miracle meds", or should we move to maintenance mode?. One happy greyhound here, we can't thank you enough!”*

Diane and Ken F.

Before treatment

After treatment

“I ordered your 2 parts corn medicine. 3 weeks ago. And I can't Thank you enough. My Roxie ,English bull terriers, had a large corn on her toe. Went to the vet they told me to soak it and shave it down. She was almost crippled with this 1 corn. So I researched and found you folks. I ordered it and have been very faithful using it. Payed off. What a blessing you have been. Almost gone. I saved a big hunk of it if you are intrested in having it and I also took pictures. I would love to send them to you if you would like. Thank you again. Roxie is walking normal thanks to your wonder medicine.”*

“9/7/14 – Detected a corn about 1/4 inch, slightly raised. Treatment Plan: Greyhound Corn and Callus Cream 30 gms and Hyaluronic Acid”*

“9/18/14 - Visible portion of corn on the surface appears to be a little smaller by maybe 1/16th inch. I was able to flick off a layer of dead wart with my fingernail.”*

For more Greyhound Corn/Callus Cream testimonials, click here.

Please carefully size your animal for Thera-Paws as they are non-returnable.

Thera-Paw Boots

These padded and supportive boots for painful or injured paws provide superior protection against environmental hazards.

Recommended uses include protecting paws and bandages after surgery managing cuts, burns, and torn tendons and providing traction for unstable dogs. Ideal for hydrotherapy and rehabilitation.

  • Ultra-cushioned interior padded base
  • Rubberized, waterproof, tractioned sole
  • Breathable Airprene sock/sleeve

Thera-Paw boots are designed to provide a snug fit throughout the paw and wrist or ankle. Please follow the sizing instructions to determine the best fit for your dog.

Sizing Instructions:

  1. Place a piece of paper on a hard floor surface.
  2. Have your dog stand and bear weight with the affected paw on the piece of paper.
  3. Trace around the outline of the paw, keeping the pen vertical and in continuous contact with the paw.
  4. Determine the Paw Width by measuring the paw tracing at its widest point.
  5. Determine the Paw Length by measuring the paw tracing at its longest point to the tip of the nails.
  6. Determine the Wrist/Ankle Circumference by measuring the circumference at the midpoint of the wrist or ankle.
  7. Determine the Wrist/Ankle Height by:
    1. Measuring the height from the back of the main footpad to the base of the carpal pad.
    2. Measuring the height from the top of the paw to the ankle joint.
  8. Compare your measurements with those on the sizing chart to determine the correct Thera-Paw size for your dog.

Helpful Hints and Other Useful Information

  1. If your dog has “high” knuckles and toes, please add ¼” inch to your Paw Width measurement.
  2. If your dog is nervous about bearing weight on the piece of paper, lift his/her other paw off the ground.
  3. If your dog is not able to bear weight on the affected paw because of pain or a wound, measure the same paw on the opposite side AS LONG AS that paw is similar in size and shape.
  4. If the affected paw is abnormally shaped in any way (e.g., toe amputation, digital deformities) please consult with us before purchasing the Thera-Paw boot.